In the end, my high school boyfriend didn’t turn up. But he did text, and we communicated via text on my friend’s phone, after my friend sent him a picture of me. So we finally spoke, 26 years later.


瘦了。 为什么?

Why have you lost weight?



Do you still like to sing?



Are you still writing your stories?


两个孩子, 坏的半死,你呢?

I have two kids. They’re very naughty. You?


不要陪他们喝了,地址那里, 我叫 (xx) 送你回

Don’t drink with them anymore. What is your address? I’ll ask (xx) to send you home.



I know you became a teacher. I heard from them.


样子变了。打 botox  是吗?

Your looks have changed. Have you had botox?



You’re grown up now.


And that is it. 🙂

I still don’t have his number. This was all texted using my friend’s phone.

I think I’ll prefer it that way.

I like people to stay the same in my memories of them.

And he will always remain my top ah beng.

So enough. Enough already. Enough for a lifetime, and for a memory of my high school sweetheart 🙂

Learnt my lesson on not destroying comforting memories. So yes, this is enough.

Got home, showered and changed into my pyjamas, and received texts from my old buddies, checking to make sure I’m home.

So nice being called by my Chinese name. Only they do so.

And so nice to have someone ask if I’m home.

It was really wonderful seeing all my old friends again to relive what was truly the best time of my life. There’s nothing like being the (now ex) girlfriend of a gang leader!!! 🤓

I love that no matter how our lives have changed since we graduated 24 years ago, we are mostly all still the same people inside. When they see me, they still call me by my Chinese name, or the nickname they made up for me, like 24 years did not put a lifetime and more between us.

你可能会和以前一样说, 累了就睡。

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